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Increase Your Odds of a Big Haul of Salmon or Steelhead

Salmon and Steelhead are some of the most sought after species in the world, and you’ll find more of them than anywhere else in the world in the Northwest. Several regions have have year-round fishing opportunities for Salmon and Steelhead, due to a broad range of life cycles and timing of their runs. Certain months, days and years are better than others, and some runs are heavily fished, while others are left mostly untapped. Whether your day will include a lot of action or a lot of practice casting, either day is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

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Fly Fishing the Bristol Bay Watershed

by John Perry of Angler's Alibi

The Bristol Bay area encompasses such a large area that it is actually hard to comprehend. It is approximately 40,000 square miles. This is about the size of the entire state of Ohio! This region also has hundreds of streams, lakes, and rivers that all empty into Bristol Bay. It runs from the Togiak River system to the West all the way around to the Ugashik River System to the South. This area has the largest wild salmon population in the world! The sockeye salmon are the most numerous of the salmon species and number in the millions. Some years they have returns in the 50 plus million range!

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And a River Runs Through It: Musings of a Man Mesmerized by the Wild and Scenic Alagnak River

Written by Wayne McGee of Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

Wild landscapes that span tundra, forests, lakes and mountains. Home to the largest population of brown bears on the planet!  Majestic beasts that are drawn to the abundant salmon of this mighty river.  Flowing out of the Katmai National Park and into Bristol Bay, a Land of Volcanoes and home to the The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, an area of lava flows and ash formed by a massive volcanic eruption of over a century ago. And the river flows through it.  Always moving, always giving you a different perspective on this savagely awe-inspiring land!

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Sportfishing in Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska (also known as “the Panhandle” or “the Inside Passage”) is a long, narrow coastal strip of land stretching nearly 500 miles from Ketchikan in the south to Yakutat in the north. It’s known for its fjords, mountains, maritime climate, old growth spruce and hemlock forests, glaciers, and of course, the fishing!

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The Salmon Dance

I can't believe I missed this music video of the Chemical Brothers song Salmon Dance, from their album We Are the Night from way back in 2007. I used to be into the Chemical Brothers back in the early 2000s, but then got busy with life and stuff (mainly kids). 

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