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A Tour of the Lodge Details Page

Your lodge details page is your "real estate" in our website. It shows prospective guests the details of your lodge that they need in order to make a decision to book with you. It's like a listing on TripAdvisor, but WAYYYYY more complete (and we only deal with fishing lodges and resorts). It's the destination our website visitors ultimately arrive at after they search or want to book one of your last-minute deals.

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Let Us Do the Work For You!

Use our new Request a Trip page to tell us about your ideal fishing vacation. You can be as specific or as broad as you want. For example, if you're open to any fishing trip in Alaska in July, just specify Alaska for the location and July for your dates.

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The Salmon Dance

I can't believe I missed this music video of the Chemical Brothers song Salmon Dance, from their album We Are the Night from way back in 2007. I used to be into the Chemical Brothers back in the early 2000s, but then got busy with life and stuff (mainly kids). 

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How Would You Like to See the Action Underwater as You're Fishing?

FishSpy is a marker float with an integrated underwater camera that streams live video via WiFi to your smartphone, allowing you to see what's happening below. You can see what's on the lakebed, watch as fish interact with your bait—see if one took off with it.  Once you hook one and it takes off the float will get submerged and you'll lose the love streaming, but the camera keeps recording onto internal memory (SD card), which you can play back later.  

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