Photos & Videos

  • The photos section at the top now shows off a resort's photos full-screen. It's wall-to-wall photo! A beautiful or dramatic shot can really shows off a lodge's unique personality.
  • It's still easy to navigate via the thumbnails (bottom of screen) or using the left/right arrows on the screen. You can also still swipe left/right on a touchscreen. But now you can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard too which is really handy.
  • You're no longer limited to 8 photos; it can now support any number. 
  • We've increased the maximum resolution of photos to 2,000 pixels width (up from 1,600 pixels wide). Even with this  massive increase in data transfer, each lodge page will now load faster than before!
  • Videos have been moved up to this area from the bottom of the page, so they're more visible and more likely to get played.
  • Photos in the Accommodations section and the Boats section will now be arranged in a nice, neat justified grid (unless there are less than 4).

General and Cosmetic Changes

  • All text has been increased in size and legibility, recognizing the large percentage of older visitors to the site. (Not that you need to be older to  desire easier-to-read text!)
  • The overall layout has been tweaked to increase usability.
  • The page loads a lot faster and has been further optimized for search engine ranking.
  • The mobile device experience has been improved.
  • Miscellaneous cosmetic changes (but a lot of them!)

Everyone that we beta-tested with stated it was awesome, so we're proud to finally roll this out. We hope you find it helpful. Here's a link to the lodge featured here if you want to check it out.