Here's are the top 10 features of the new Search page.

10: We’ve integrated new map technology. It makes using the map faster and more responsive. Plus, “marker clustering” means that several lodges in close proximity no longer overlap each other.

9: A more efficient layout. The map is now always present whether you’re looking at lodges in grid view or table view. You can make it full screen to focus on finding lodges by location. The “half-screen mode” is useful for locating a lodge by hovering over its summary. All filters are now in a sidebar, making better use of vertical screen real estate.

8: More robust filtering: filters are grouped into five categories. It’s easy to see what filters are currently applied, and even easier to remove them.

7: An integrated step-by-step tutorial for new users to quickly become experts in finding their ideal fishing vacation. It’ll be shown automatically the first time they visit the page, and can be re-run anytime.

6: Pre-set filtering logic. We ditched the any/all switch in favour of a simple rule that lets you build complex filters: selecting multiple filters within a group means “OR”, like “show lodges in Bristol Bay OR Kenai". Selecting multiple filters across groups means “AND”, such as “show lodges where the location is Vancouver Island AND trips 4-day trips are available"

5: It’s easier to compare different lodges with the all-new Table view that puts each lodge in a column.

4: A much easier to use layout on mobile devices.

3: Lodges currently offering special deals are clearly indicated.

2: New ways to filter lodges: If TripAdvisor ratings are important to selecting the right lodge, you can now filter by TripAdvisor rating, and the number of reviews that contribute to the rating.

And the number one new feature: the entire page has been re-built for much faster loading. In fact everything is much snappier.

Try it out!