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Get Remote with an Alaska Heli-Fishing Trip: Helicopter Fly-Outs to Exceptional Fishing, Wilderness & Adventure

Alaska has more rivers and lakes than, well, almost anywhere. But, with the size of our state and its inherent rugged nature we have fewer roads than the tiniest states in the union. This means that in addition to the conventional methods used to access rivers such as driving, hiking, and floating one may need to enlist a more unique means…a helicopter!

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Trophy rainbow trout

Fly Fishing for Alaska Trophy Rainbow Trout

There are so many lodges and do it yourself areas in Alaska that boast about catching “Trophy Alaska Rainbows”. So…What constitutes a “Trophy Alaska Rainbow”? Truth is, just like the lower 48, they are not a dime a dozen. The next question is, what is a true trophy for Alaska standards?

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Fishing in the Pacific Northwest: The Columbia and Willamette Rivers and Puget Sound

The beautiful Pacific Northwest boasts over 112,000 miles of rivers, many lakes, and easy access to the bountiful Pacific Ocean. Keen anglers can look forward to hooking trout, salmon, walleye, steelhead, and sturgeon.

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Fishing Trips in Southern British Columbia

British Columbia’s southern interior regions offer hundreds of spectacular world-class lakes and rivers. The climate is very tolerable year round, so fishing can be enjoyed in all four seasons. Beside salmon fishing in summer and fall, anglers have many opportunities to target steelhead, coastal cutthroat trout, bull trout and dolly varden.

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How to Find a Remote Alaska Fishing Lodge

Here’s a quick video tutorial on the most efficient way to find a the best Alaskan fishing lodges.

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The NEW is here!

Introducing a top-to-bottom refresh of the entire experience for lodge owners and fishing vacation seekers!

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How to Plan Your First Family Fishing Trip

There’s nothing better than sharing your favourite hobbies with your kids. Kids can start fishing as early as preschool, making fishing the perfect family bonding experience at any age.

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Know When Each Species is Available With the Species Availability Calendar

Among the many new features that we’ve added to lodge pages is the ability for fishing lodge owners to easily communicate to potential guests when in the season which fish can be caught. This is extremely helpful for planning one’s trip.

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Sportfishing in Alaska, USA

Alaska offers some of the most spectacular freshwater, saltwater, and fly-fishing in the world. With nearly 34,000 miles of ocean shoreline, over 3 million lakes, 12,000 rivers and thousands more fish-filled streams, the challenge isn’t catching fish, but deciding where and what to catch.

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