Listing your fishing lodge or resort is a LOW-RISK way to advertise your business and

Join the largest collection of fishing lodges and resorts in the Northwest and make sure your lodge is found by a targeted audience of anglers looking for their ideal fishing vacation.

How it Works

Highly-targeted web traffic.

People from all over the world looking specifically for a multi-day guided or unguided fishing vacation in the North American Northwest. Our visitors are researching where to go, and in many cases are ready to book.


We do all the work.

We create a lodge details page for you to showcase all the features of your lodge, based on your own website, social media pages, etc. We do the work—you just need to approve it. You can make changes yourself at any time or have us do them.


Leads, leads and more leads.

All inquiries that we collect are sent directly to you. You also get to field responses to Trip Requests (sent to all lodges that fit the vacation requested) and snag a lead that may not have otherwise come to you.


We make it easy for prospects to contact you.

Lodge listing includes your contact information and links to your website and Facebook page.

Show off your accolades.

Your Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google ratings and reviews are highly visible, so prospects know that booking with you is a safe bet.


Push your special offers out to hundreds of anglers looking for a deal.

You'll have the ability to post your last-minute deals and special offers on our Deals page, which also get sent to our mailing list and published in our social media campaigns.


Know your listing is working for you.

You'll be able to reviews your lodge's performance at any time. These reports show how many times your lodge listing was viewed, the number of clickthroughs to your website and more.


Low risk.

If you don’t like the extra leads you're getting, you can cancel at any time for any reason.

Frequently-Asked Questions

A: We are the largest marketplace dedicated to fishing vacations in the Northwest. We reach an international audience and capture very targeted fishing-related traffic.

A: We formed the company in November 2014, launched the first iteration of the site in 2015, did a major upgrade in 2017 and then another (even more major) upgrade in June 2020.

A: First keep in mind that we are not paid on bookings, nor do we have any way to measure them. However, the more leads you get, the more bookings you get. The top 10 lodges on the site received 586 qualified leads in the past 12 months (as of June 2019) which would typically translate into about 9.4 bookings at a standard 10:1 lead conversion rate. You can read more about this analysis here.

A: We employ a variety of tactics to ensure exposure to many people actively looking for a fishing vacation, with many of them actively engaged in conversation with you. Read more about how we do it here.

A: Although traffic is growing all the time, as of June 2020, 29,885 unique visitors came to the site in the past 12 months.

A: Here are three great reasons:

  1. We spend a significant portion of our revenue on our own advertising, getting vacationers who are looking for fishing trips, to our site (and consequently, seeing your lodge).
  2. Advertising with us is low risk. If you get just one booking from your listing in a year, the listing has likely paid for itself. Visitors who choose to contact you from our site or visit your website have already learned a lot about what you offer and have likely chosen you over other options, so they are more likely to make a booking than the “tire-kickers” who may come to your site other ways.
  3. We like to deliver results, and want you to see them: performance reports are available at any time so you know how well your listing is performing.

A: You’ll have a chance to review and approve the page we build, and request changes if needed. Once the content is approved, we won’t change it (unless you want us to).

A: It’s super easy—because we do it for you! All we need is some basic information that we’ll get during the sign-up process, and the rest we’ll pull from your current website, Facebook page, other social media pages, etc. We’ll make your lodge look great and ensure all information is easy to find.

A: You can either log in to your account and make the change yourself, or just contact us and let us know what you want to change. We’ll typically make the change in under 48 hours.

A: We focus on fishing in the Pacific Northwest but extend as far east as Saskatchewan and as far north as the Northwest Territories, because from personal experience, these are some of the best places to fish on the planet. Whether you offer guided, semi-guided or self-guided fishing, run a rustic fishing camp, a full-service lodge, or a high-end resort, we’d love to promote you. We make it easy for visitors to find the experience they are after—they can easily filter all listings to find yours if it offers what they want.

A: If it’s something can be caught in the ocean, lakes, rivers or streams in the Northwest, then yes. Our site visitors often search for lodges that target certain species (also in combination with other criteria too). On the search page, look in the “Fishing” filter panel…choose one or multiple species and the list of lodges narrows to show only those that target them.

A: Yes. We advertise the site on electronic venues that specifically target other regions. We concentrate on Europe, the UK, Ireland, Australia and China, but don’t exclude any continent.

A: No problem, you can cancel anytime. Listing fees are billed in advance for the next year. We do not provide refunds or credits in the case of cancellations, so your listing will remain for the balance of the paid term.

A: The commission plan is an alternate way to get a Premium Listing on We provide you full promotional support—everything that comes in the regular yearly Premium Listing plan—but without a yearly fee (subscription).

A commission is applicable only when we bring you a confirmed booking. If there’s no booking, you don’t pay anything. So all leads we send you are free!

We will be reselling your vacation packages, and you would need to agree to allow us to resell them at potentially different prices than what you would sell them for directly. Regardless of what we sell it for, you will always collect 90% of the price you sell it for directly. If we sell it for less than your “direct price”, we give up the difference and take it out of our 10% commission. If we are able to sell it for more, we keep the difference

For example, suppose a package is priced at $3,000 per person with a 50% deposit, and we bring you a 2-person booking. You would receive $5,400 ($3,000 x 2 = $6,000, minus 10%) direct from the customer.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customers request a booking with a 10% deposit via credit card. This is a pre-deposit or “reservation fee”. The 10% figure is strategic—it’s both our commission, which we will keep, and an amount that will fit on a credit card in most cases.
  2. As part of the request, the customer provides the dates they are wanting to book for, plus any alternates they would accept.
  3. The customer’s booking request is sent to you. If you would like to accept the booking, just confirm it via a reply back to the customer. If you can’t accept the booking, just state that in your reply. You may want to negotiate other dates with the customer. If you reject the booking or do not confirm it within 3 days, the 10% reservation fee is refunded to the customer.
  4. With the first 10% of the booking paid by the customer and the booking accepted, the rest of the process reverts to what you’re used to—the customer is instructed to pay the remainder of the deposit to confirm the booking, directly to you (with the booking not confirmed until it’s paid). For example, if you require a 50% deposit, they would then pay the remaining 40% directly to you using whichever payment methods you accept. You can then collect the remaining balance as per your usual terms.

The booking plan is an alternative to the yearly Premium Listing subscription plan, and you can have only one plan active at a time.

If you require more information, please contact us.

The Lodge Details Page

The lodge details page is your home on—a comprehensive collection of details about your property that’s used to promote everything that’s unique and awesome about your lodge. It gives prospective visitors what they need to make the decision to reach out to you, and makes it easy to find out how to do it (by phone, email, your website and your Facebook page). Perhaps the best part is that we’ll build the page for you! All you need to do is approve it. Watch the video to learn more.

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Ready to Get More Bookings?

All prices in $USD.


$3.88 per lead. Max. $50/month. No minimum charge. Cancel anytime.

Premium Subscription

$255.00 per year.
Cancel anytime.


Display the partner badge on your website and get US$50 credit returned at the end of every year.

Terms and conditions apply.


Nothing upfront, 10% commission payable on confirmed bookings. Cancel anytime.

Or try a free listing

Comparison of fishlodges plans

Feature Free Pay-per-Click Premium Subscription Commission Plan
Yearly flat-fee, all-inclusive payment
Pay a small fee only when a lead is generated (inquiry, website/Facebook page visit, send email, show phone)
Pay only when a booking is confirmed
Lodge Index Page
Your lodge can be searched and filtered on the main lodge page.
Visibility on main Lodges page LOW HIGH HIGH HIGH
Lodge Details Page
We build your lodge page for you
Beautiful, full-screen photo gallery and separate galleries for accommodations, meals and boats
Showcase up to 3 videos
Full details about your lodge experience including target species, location, prices, accommodations, boats and travel planner
Ratings and reviews from Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google
Links to allow visitors to explore your own website and Facebook page
Visitors can display your email and phone number to contact you
Added Benefits
Field visitors' inquiries or requests for availability
Participate in Trip Requests
Post deals and special offers (published to a wide audience through social media and mailing list)
Inspect your listing's performance with detailed analytics reports