Chasing Monster Lake Trout and Huge Arctic Grayling? Exceptional Teams Make it Happen

There is nothing that will stop success when you surround yourself will people who are knowledgeable, on the same page, and have the desire to create world class fishing experiences for people. It’s people who find absolute satisfaction in helping people to fulfill their expectations and better yet push it up to the next level.

We have been fortunate in finding people who have these attributes for our businesses. When we say “businesses” we are involved in more than Aylmer Lake Lodge, chasing monster Lake Trout and huge Arctic Grayling. We also have Bluesky Outfitters in Alberta, and we have Bluesky Energy Solutions. All of these companies have long term people who came for a job and have stayed with us because we respect and value all the skills they bring to our table. We have surrounded ourselves with people who push us to achieve more, think further outside the box, and really finesse what we do.

We and our team connect with our clients, we are as passionate as they are, we are focused on monster Lake Trout and huge Arctic Grayling, and we work to have our clients arrive as clients and leave as friends. When you can fill your team with people who are passionate about Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling, enjoy listening and interacting with our clients, take pride in a great day on the water, in the field or on a job site for us we count ourselves as truly blessed.

Chasing Monster Lake Trout and Huge Arctic Grayling? Exceptional Teams Make it Happen 1

From the moment you step off the plane at Aylmer Lake Lodge you feel the excitement from us that you have arrived, that we get to spend time with you. That we are itching to get you on the water chasing Lake Trout and in the evening catching exceptional Arctic Grayling. As we transition from helping and greeting you off the plane, readying the plane for our guests that are leaving to return home. It’s then that you capture through watching the true camaraderie and respect that has developed and is shared between the staff and the clients that are leaving.  It’s these moments of watching how things roll that you truly know you have arrived at a great place. Let the games begin!

As a client, a team that engages and cares about their clients needs, are happy to meet you, and are by nature curious and always pushing their personal best, is the team you want when you arrive at your Lake Trout destination. The team that is working hard at every objective, creating action in the boats, creating great conversation or respecting the camaraderie of silence and enjoyed quiet as the water slips past the boat.

Returning to the Lodge where you have the space to enjoy great food experiences and have conversations with fellow guests and the team about the Lake Trout and Grayling you have caught that day, build great memories. A team that is ensuring your accommodations are comfortable, and yet, always find time to engage with you on whatever topic you choose to talk about. 

Aylmer Lake is a premier Lake Trout fishery and a place that we will not be able to fish every spot in our lifetime. Now thats a huge fishery! It’s a place that is pristine, untapped, hugely expansive, with vistas that go on for miles. Two large lakes (Aylmer Lake and Clinton Colden, that connects through the Thanakoie River) that are teeming with fish and the team wants you to experience it all.

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