How We Get New Leads for Our Lodge Partners

We are fishing lodge marketing pros, and our job is to capture new leads. We’ve been pretty successful over the past 3 years. Here are 6 ways that we do it:


Get Your Lodge Found by Those Actively Looking For It

We make it easy and time-efficient for guests to find your lodge. Not just by continually optimizing our site to rank high in search results, but by providing the ability to compare different packages, and powerful filtering tools that let guests quickly isolate the lodges ideal for them.


Encourage Inquiries by Answering Most Questions Up Front

We bring guests looking for a vacation to your Lodge Details Page that we create for you.  This gives them all information they need on one page. With few questions unanswered, guests have what they need to contact you right then and there.


Funnel Highly-Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Many guests want to check out the lodge’s own website. We provide multiple links to your site from your lodge details page.


Make it Easy to Contact You

Many guests want to check out the lodge’s own website. We provide multiple links to your site from your lodge details page.


Trip Requests

Many guests want an even easier way to find their ideal fishing vacation, so will choose to request a trip, providing us a profile of the trip they want. We then broadcast these requests to all applicable lodges and report back to the customer which lodges have availability, effectively building their shortlist for them. 


Deals, Specials, Promotions

We’ll promote any special offers you have to encourage early booking, fill empty spots or cover cancellations. These deals are posted on our Deals page (the second most popular page on the site) and we’ll also send notifications out to our ever-growing mailing list, and post them to our social media accounts.

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