Pay-per-Click Plan

With this plan, only tangible leads are chargeable at $6.88 per lead. Lead actions occur when someone:

  • Sends you an inquiry.
  • Visits your own website.
  • Sends you an email.
  • Views your phone number.
  • Visits your Facebook page.

Billing is done during the first week of every month for all charges that have accumulated during the past month, and is capped at a maximum of $65.00 per month.

Some examples:

  • 2 inquiries sent: total $13.76
  • 1 inquiry, 2 website visits and 1 email sent: total $27.52
  • No activity this month: total $0
  • 6 inquires, 12 website visits, and phone number displayed 3 times: total $65 (maximum)

Note: all prices in US dollars.

Premium Listing Benefits

  1. Your lodge is seen by ~7,000 monthly visitors.
  2. Receive new inquiries directly from your lodge page.
  3. Your lodge page has a link back to your website, and displays contact information as well as Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google ratings and reviews.
  4. Your listing appears above all free listings (typically seen 6x as often as free listings).
  5. Review your lodge’s performance at any time (page views, website link clicks, direct, email and phone inquiries, and more).
  6. Participate in trip requests (a customer looking for trip availability in a specific area but not necessarily a specific lodge).
  7. Promote special deals or offers on our Deals page. Your deal is seen by up to 340,000 people including:
    • Our New Deal Alerts mailing list subscribers (600+)
    • Posted on our Facebook page (2000+ followers)
    • Posted on the Fishing Lodges and Resorts group (>500 followers)
    • Posted on various other Facebook groups where we’re permitted to advertise (~328,000 followers)
    • Tweeted to our Twitter followers (420 followers).