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    Join the largest collection of fishing lodges and resorts in the Northwest and make sure your lodge is found by a targeted audience of anglers looking for their ideal fishing vacation.

    • "We have been with you for about a week & have booked three five-day fly fishing trips because of your site. Truthfully... I was surprised :) Great exposure!!"

      Terry (Skeed) Borkowski, Northern Lights Lodge

    • "The leads I get from my listing are solid. They make my subscription a no-brainer."

      Wayne McGee, Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge

    • "You have a fantastic website—I wish other regions of the world had something similar."

      Bryan Leist, Avid angler and frequent user

    • "You guys are doing a great job. Very happy about how things are going so far, and you work so fast!"

      Steve Silber, Chulitna Lodge

    • "Our page looks amazing! You guys do know your stuff!"

      Marty Guth, Guth's Lodge

    • "Looks great! I'm very impressed with your quick response and professional attitude. Thank you!"

      Paul Wheat, Family Ties Fishing and Outdoor Adventures


    We get a lot of very highly-targeted web traffic. People from all over the world looking specifically for a multi-day guided or unguided fishing vacation in the North American Northwest. Our visitors are researching where to go, and in many cases are ready to book.

    Lodge Details Page

    We create a lodge details page for you to showcase all the features of your lodge, based on your own website, social media pages, etc. We do the work—you just need to approve it.


    Visitors can find your lodge by searching for exactly what they want.

    search by map

    Your lodge appears on the searchable map when visitors search by location

    Lodge Details Page

    Lodge listing includes your contact information and links to your website and Facebook page.

    ratings and reviews

    Lodge listing includes TripAdvisor ratings and reviews.

    Lodge Details Page

    You'll receive a bi-monthly performance report showing how many times your lodge listing was viewed, the number of clickthroughs to your website and Facebook page and more. So you know what results your investment is generating.

    search by map

    You'll have the ability to post your last-minute deals and special offers on our Deals page, which also get sent to our mailing list and published in our social media campaigns.

    Lodge Details Page

    All inquiries that we collect (vacationers interested in your lodge or any lodge that fits the vacation they request) will be sent directly to you. So whether they contact you or us first, you'll get the lead!

    search by map

    Cancel anytime. If you don’t like the extra leads you're getting, you can cancel at any time for any reason.

    Frequently-Asked Questions

    Q: What is
    A: We are the largest marketplace dedicated to fishing vacations in the Pacific Northwest. We reach an international audience and capture very targeted fishing-related traffic.

    Q: Why is advertising on better than other options?
    A: Here are three great reasons:

    1. We spend a significant portion of our revenue on our own advertising, getting vacationers who are looking for fishing trips, to our site (and consequently, seeing your lodge).
    2. Advertising with us is low risk. If you get just one booking from your listing in a year, the listing has paid for itself. Visitors who choose to contact you from our site or visit your website have already learned a lot about what you offer and have likely chosen you over other options, so they are highly likely to make a booking.
    3. We like to deliver results, and want you to see them: we include a bi-monthly traffic report so you know how well your listing is performing.

    Q: How easy is it to build my lodge's page in
    A: It's super easy—because we do it for you! All we need is some basic information, and the rest we'll pull from your current website, Facebook page, other social media pages, etc. We'll make your lodge look spectacular!

    Q: How can I be assured that the information about my lodge will be represented accurately on
    A: You'll have a chance to review and approve the page we build, and request changes if needed. Once the content is approved, we won't change it (unless you want us to).

    Q: What if I need to change the information on my lodge's page once it's been published?
    A: Just contact us, and let us know what you want to change. We'll typically make the change in under 48 hours.

    Q: What kind of establishments can be on the site?
    A: We focus on fishing in the Northwest. Whether you offer guided, semi-guided or self-guided fishing, run a rustic fishing camp, a full-service lodge, or a high-end resort, we'd love to promote you. We make it easy for visitors to find the experience they are after—they can easily filter all listings to find yours if it offers what they want.

    Q: Are your visitors interested in (these fish species)?
    A: If it's something can be caught in the ocean, lakes, rivers or streams in the Northwest, then yes. Our site visitors often search for lodges that target certain species (also in combination with other criteria too). On the search page, look in the "Fishing" filter panel…choose one or multiple species and the list of lodges narrows to show only those that target them.

    Q: Do you attract visitors from outside of North America?
    A: Yes. We advertise the site on electronic venues that specifically target other regions. We concentrate on Europe, the UK, Ireland and China, but don't exclude any continent. In addition, we make it easy for foreign visitors by allowing them to display your prices in a currency they are more familiar with, like pounds sterling (£), Euros (€), US$ and CA$.

    Q: What if I want to cancel my subscription?
    A: No problem, you can cancel anytime. Advertising Plan fees are billed in advance (for the next year or the next month, depending on which frequency you choose). We do not provide refunds or credits in the case of cancellations, so your listing will remain for the balance of the paid term.

    Q: Will a link to my own website from hurt my own site's SEO?
    A: On the contrary, it will help your site's ranking! Google rewards sites with inbound links from highly relevant content (that's us). The boost you'll likely receive is worth the subscription price alone.

    The Lodge Details Page

    The lodge details page is your home on—a comprehensive collection of details about your property that's used to promote everything that's unique and awesome about your lodge. It gives prospective visitors what they need to make the decision to reach out to you, and makes it easy to find out how to do it (by phone, email, your website and your Facebook page). Perhaps the best part is that we'll build the page for you! All you need to do is approve it. Watch the video to learn more.

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