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    Fishing with Kodiak Wilderness Adventures is not your average fishing trip!
    Experience the magnificent vistas, the clean, crisp smell of the salty Pacific Ocean, and taste that first bite of Alaskan Seafood fresh from the icy waters of the North Pacific. If you've ever dreamed of traveling to Kodiak Island and fishing for gigantic pacific halibut and ocean bright pacific salmon, we'd love to be your hosts.

    Kodiak Wilderness Adventures operates our family-owned lodge facility in the very small fishing community of Port Lions, on Kodiak Island. From the community's protected modern harbor where we moor our 40' boat, built specifically for Alaskan sport fishing, we are often only minutes from our first halibut fishing spot of the day!

    Kodiak Island salmon fishing fast-paced, action-packed and off-the-hook!
    Kodiak Island is the perfect Alaskan Fishing Vacation destination for the traveling sportsman that is willing to get off the beaten path and leave the over-traveled roadways behind!

    If you are one of the few traveling anglers that take the extra steps to find that out-of-the-way location that others overlook, or find it appealing because it takes a little more time to get there, Kodiak Wilderness Adventures is your ideal destination!

    Providing the traveling sportsman outdoor adventures on Kodiak Island since 1991.

    Kodiak Island is Alaska's perfect saltwater fishing vacation destination.
    It's true! Halibut fishing on Kodiak Island is second to none! When you are considering an Alaskan vacation that includes the a Saltwater experience that is action-packed with Big Fish and incredible sights, we believe a trip to Kodiak Wilderness Adventures is the perfect choice!

    A great Alaska fishing trip requires a great Alaska fishing lodge, and our Kodiak Island Coho-Nook Inn is the perfect place to relax after a day's fishing adventure. The lodge is located just off the shores of beautiful Settlers Cove in Kizhuyak Bay. Comfortably rustic, we offer well-appointed rooms, gourmet meals and incomparable service.

    What Do We Fish For?

    June 1 to Sept 15
    • Halibut
    • Ling Cod
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
    • Multiple species of rockfish: Black, Dusky, China Tiger, Quill Back


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    8-9 hrs/day

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    Our beautiful Kodiak Island lodge is located in the tiny Kodiak Island fishing village of Port Lions, Alaska. The Coho-Nook Inn is the center-piece of our community. We operate year-round to accommodate sportsmen who travel to our island home in pursuit of trophy fishing and hunting opportunities, as well as travelers staying in our community for business.

    The Coho-Nook Inn is a modern, well-appointed lodge with a feel for the Alaskan in all of us. The decor throughout this comfortable 4,500-square foot facility is one that appeals to the outdoorsman and as well as the guest looking for a great place to get really comfortable. Our guests are accommodated in four private, double-occupancy guest rooms, each with its own adjoining private bath.

    The great room separating the guest quarters is both spacious and cozy with its large wood stove and beautiful view of Settlers Cove right out the front window.

    The large adjoining deck is a great place to enjoy an early morning cup of wake-up before breakfast or an evening beverage before dinner. Stroll from the front door past our onsite Post Office and you'll find yourself standing along the shore of Settlers cove where the Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals, and Gulls of several varieties bid for the bounty of the sea.

    On the second story, our guests are treated to a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mountain peaks and rugged hillsides while enjoying delicious meals served in a large dining area.

    Meals are prepared with the attention to detail that one can expect at a gourmet restaurant and are served family style in our large 1,000 square foot, second-story living / dining area. Under the direction of Katy (owner and experienced chef) the kitchen staff utilizes the freshest ingredients from sea and garden to prepare meals as memorable as a great day of fishing.

    Corporate buyout:     

    10% discount with a group of 8.

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    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    15-45 mins.

    Other Activities Available


    • Laundry Facilities
    • Airport Transportation
    • Wireless Internet
    • Dish Network Satellite Television



    The Amy Lorese is our incredibly safe, stable, and spacious custom-built 38-foot sport fishing boat.

    Since you will be spending most of your Kodiak Wilderness Adventure with us aboard the Amy Lorese, comfort is of the utmost importance. This vessel has that and more.

    Full sized walk-around decks, ample room to fish without being crowded, and room to stretch out is what this boat is all about. When it's time to travel, our guests enjoy the comforts of a classic soft ride that only a deep-V hull can provide. The sette area is laid out in a manner that comfortably seats 6 people, and a large bathroom (head) is easily accessible in the main cabin.

    These amenities along with a modern electronics package, for safely navigating and finding fish in the icy cold Alaskan waters, three independent sources of cabin heat, a barbecue to cook up the freshest fish you'll ever eat, and a 20-knot cruise speed make the Amy Lorese a truly unique Alaskan fishing platform.

    The Amy Lorese went through a complete propulsion re-power retro-fit in 2014, and we're happy to say that our efforts to turn this classic fishing boat into a high performance, state-of-the-art fishing platform have paid off! We've installed a pair of Cummins marine diesel engines that produce 425-horsepower each which also meet the highest level of EPA requirements. We have gone to these great lengths to be responsible to our environment while simultaneously providing an even more enjoyable (and diesel-fume free!) experience for our guests.

    Our goal is to ensure that this Kodiak Island fishing trip is one of your fondest lifelong memories. Here at Kodiak Wilderness Adventures, we are committed to every detail and spend a great deal of time selecting fishing gear, terminal tackle, and the best fishing locations.

    We use only fishing lures and bait proven to catch fish! Our bait is refreshed often and our gear is kept in excellent condition to ensure our guests' success.


    Heated cabin:

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