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    Northern Saskatchewan, SK, Canada






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    Awesome trophy size fish is the main reason that people come to Milton Lake Lodge. Nice boats, professional guides and quality fishing gear add to the attraction. Lakes at this latitude of Northern Saskatchewan are known to produce large numbers of huge fish.

    All of our waters have had very little fishing pressure in their history. The main lodge has only operated for 10 short seasons, before this the waters were virtually untouched by anglers and some of our lakes have never yet even been test fished! This allows for an abundance of trophy sized fish in our crystal clear waters. Last season one of our guests reeled in a 22 lb lake trout while standing on the dock waiting to go out in the morning. No long boat rides are needed for excellent angling of northern pike, lake trout or arctic grayling. We ensure great fishing for future generations by practicing catch and release with safe handling procedures, being conservation wise, and appreciating the environment that surrounds us.

    Any level of experience is fine, our guides will be happy to teach you the basics using quality fishing gear that is provided for no charge at the main lodge. Whether you enjoy casting light gear for Arctic Grayling in the cold waters of the river, watching the explosion of a monster Pike crush your top water lure, or feeling the thud of a hook set into a giant lake trout, Milton Lake Lodge and Outposts have what you are looking for.

    Our group of six lakes and four rivers are situated on the southern edge of the Taiga Eco Region and within the Canadian Shield. The oldest rocks in the world are found here, dating back to more than four billion years. Centuries ago, the receding glaciers carved out deep holes and crevices that are our beautiful clear water lakes of today. These lakes are home to huge fish that lurk in the many bays, coves or deep holes.

    Milton Lake with 150 foot deep holes is 11 km long and 9 km wide. This big wide open lake has sandy beaches, rocky areas with lots of underwater structure and many sheltered bays that provide great fishing no matter what the weather conditions are. The biggest Pike caught here to date was 35lbs and Lake Trout to just over 50lbs. Where the Porcupine River flows in and out of the lake the arctic grayling are abundant.

    Fly Fishing

    We sight-fish huge northern pike in the shallows most of the season at Milton Lake lodge. These opportunities prove to be ideal for fly-fishing. Seeing these monsters swirl and hit your fly is among the most exciting methods of fishing that you will ever experience.

    Finessing arctic grayling in one of our rivers can also prove to be a great way to spend a day. Lake trout are caught on the fly in spring and fall when they are located in shallow water.

    Our experienced fly-fishing guides and huge casting decks make fly fishing comfortable and enjoyable. Fly fishing lessons and fly fishing gear (Sage fly-fishing rods and reels as well as Simms waders and boots) are both available at no extra cost.

    What Do We Fish For?

    Mid-June to Mid-Sept.
    • Arctic Grayling
    • Northern Pike
    • Lake Trout
    • Whitefish


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    4 nights / 4 days fishing | Milton Lake Lodge
    4 nights / 4 days fishing | Misekumaw Lake / Walker Lake Outpost
    5 nights / 5 days fishing | Milton Lake Lodge
    7 nights / 7 days fishing | Misekumaw Lake / Walker Lake Outpost
    5 nights / 5 days fishing | Misekumaw Lake / Walker Lake Outpost
    6 nights / 6 days fishing | Milton Lake Lodge & Misekumaw Lake Outpost Combo
    Guided & Unguided, 4 days Milton Lake Lodge, 2 days Misekumaw Lake Outpost
    6 nights / 6 days fishing | Misekumaw Lake Outpost & Milton Lake Lodge Combo
    Guided & Unguided, 4 days Misekumaw Lake Outpost, 2 days Milton Lake Lodge

    Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include taxes, gratuities, or fishing license/stamp.

    Special rates are available upon request for children, large groups and corporate groups. 8 day pricing can be provided on request.

    Prices do not include alcohol and canned beverages, taxidermy and trophy shipping costs, licences and tackle/store purchases.

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    9 hours (more if desired)

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    Complimentary wine with evening meal


    Complimentary wine with evening meal


    Shuttle service between hotel and airport, satellite TV and Internet connection, satellite phone service, professional guide for every 2 anglers.


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    Milton Lake Lodge is a high quality fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan with all the facilities needed to provide luxury and comfort in a wilderness setting. You can relax in the lodge, take in the view from the deck or soak in the hot tub after a full day of fishing.

    The great room is in the centre of the 4500 square foot lodge and the guest rooms create wings running north and south. The great room boasts 25 ft ceilings with a huge wall of windows overlooking Milton Lake. A large dining area, full bar, store/tackle shop and 3 lounge areas make up the main area. Guests can sit around the wood burning fireplace, catch a game on the big screen, join in a friendly game of cards or find a quiet corner to read a book.

    We can accommodate up to sixteen guests, each with their own private bedroom. Every room has a natural pine interior, a double bed with duvet and a thermostat for separate temperature control. There is one bathroom for every two guests and daily maid service is provided.

    Start your morning with a hearty breakfast and then later, enjoy the shore lunch that your guides prepare for you. When you return from a full day of fishing be sure to have a snack while swapping fish stories. In the evening you can look forward to a gourmet meal served with complimentary house wine. Come hungry because our chef is going to spoil you!

    The great room with its cathedral ceiling and window wall provide great inspiration for corporate and group meetings or just to relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

    Private bedrooms with double beds, duvets, and climate control.

    Misekumaw Lake Outpost Camp

    Misekumaw Lake has a self sufficient Outpost camp for up to 11 guests. Four cabins are tucked into the woods behind a beautiful beach. The common cabin provides a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area with a wood stove. There are 3 cabins for sleeping with 11 single beds. Behind these cabins is a separate shower room with hot running water and bathroom with flush toilet.

    This lake covers the largest area of all our lakes at 13km long and 6km wide. This scenic lake has many sand beaches, islands and sand eskers along the shores. This is an excellent trophy pike lake with many spawning areas in the shallow waters on the east side. Lake trout are also here and arctic grayling can be found in the river. During inclement weather you can choose from the 3 bays that surround the cabins and fish right off shore, many trophy pike have been caught in these bays. The boats are on the beach infront of the cabins and ready to go.

    At this camp you are completely on your own schedule, bring your own food, fishing gear and clean and provide for yourselves. The camp manager will give you a detailed orientation of the lake and maintain your boat. Arrangements can be made ahead of time for the purchase and delivery of your food and beverages.

    Walker Lake Outpost Camp

    Walker Lake is a deluxe outpost that accomodates up to 6 guests. It is ideal for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday on their own schedule.

    The pine cabin is set amongst the trees where you are surrounded by nature at its finest. The interior offers all the comforts you need to make your stay enjoyable, including power, a hot water bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen and large living space. Outside you can sit around the campfire or watch the sunset from the large dock area.

    Quiet and comfortable boats make for a great day of fishing for huge northern pike and giant lake trout. The boats at Walker Lake are 16 Lunds with flat floors, fish finders and electric start Yamaha 4 stroke outboard motors.

    The staff will give you detailed orientation of the camp and lake, including the hottest fishing spots. They will refuel the boats, and take care of maintenence issues. Their cabin is out of sight so you can enjoy total seclusion.

    Corporate buyout:     

    Simply arrange travel for your group to Saskatoon, and from there we will take you to the lodge via private charter and float plane. Our remote lakes are truly fly in only and are for the exclusive use of our guests. Contact us with your group's inquiries and create a custom package that suits your needs.

      WiFi available:

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    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    15 mins.

    Other Activities Available


    Daily maid service, hot tub.



    When you are at Milton Lake, you will be comfortable and safe, and able to get around fast in our 18ft. Lund Outfitter boats. They have huge casting decks and are equipped with 40 horse power 4-stroke motors. Experienced guides will take you to the best spots and help you land the big ones. Each boat is for the use of two guests and their guide.

    The boats also feature fish finders, rod holders, loads of storage space, deluxe swivel seats, live well and a bait well. Having the right tackle will make fishing more fun, and more successful. We provide our guests with the use of high quality fishing gear. We use a mix including, Sage rods, reels and line for fly fishing and St. Croix bait casting and spinning rods coupled with Shimano reels for hard tackle fishing. Cabelas and Simms waders and boots are available for those who want to wade.



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    We reserve the right to charge you for any damages to property, equipment or excessive cleaning needed from your stay. A valid credit card is required in advance to cover the cost of damages incurred. Milton Lake Lodge Ltd. is not responsible for injury, loss or damage to your property. Please remember the remoteness of our location as we want you to have a safe and happy stay.

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