How to Find a Remote Alaska Fishing Lodge

Here’s a quick video tutorial on the most efficient way to find a the best Alaskan fishing lodges.

Let’s say you’re planning a 4 or 5 day trip next summer in Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island or somewhere in the interior—you’re not set on any particular spot, but you know you want a remote location.

You want to do fly fishing but you’d also love to combine it with some saltwater fishing for halibut…that’s optional, as this trip is mainly about fly fishing, but it would be nice.

You want to take home some salmon and halibut for the freezer, but want to catch rainbow trout and those hard fighting and beautiful arctic grayling.

The first thing you need to do is head to There honestly isn’t any other way to do a search like this. You could just search on Google for “fishing lodges Alaska, Bristol Bay, Kodiak, interior”, but you’ll be spending hours sifting through hundreds of websites and reading through each of them to see if they have what you’re after.

Once at the site, click “LODGES” in the menu at the top, and you’ll see the entire catalog of fishing lodges in the Northwest.

Now what we’re going to do is set the filters according to exactly what we want, and this will isolate only the lodges that offer that. So first, under “location” select “Bristol Bay”, “Kodiak Island” and “Alaskan Interior”. You can see that the set of lodges has been already reduced, and you can see on the map where they are.

Let’s move down to the fishing section. Select freshwater (rivers), fly fishing of course, and also saltwater.

Next, we’ll select what we want to catch…graylings, halibut, salmon.

Although we said a 4 or 5 day trip, you can open it up to 3 or 6-day trips to expand available options—assuming you have a day of flexibility on either end.

This results in 26 fishing lodges that all have what you’re looking for. That’s a great shortlist.

For each, you can easily inspect the starting “per-day price” per person, but keep in mind what’s included in that price—such as return flight costs from a major airport, meals, equipment, fish processing.

You also want to check out the rating and especially the number of reviews contributing to that rating.

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