Know When Each Species is Available With the Species Availability Calendar

Among the many new features that we’ve added to lodge pages is the ability for fishing lodge owners to easily communicate to potential guests when in the season which fish can be caught. This is extremely helpful for planning one’s trip.

To access this information, a page visitor can click the toggle control to switch from a simple list of targeted species to a detailed calendar of availability, which shows the year broken into 24 semi-monthly periods (first half of May, last half of May, first half of June…and so on). 

If the target species can generally be easily caught in each semi-monthly period, the space will be coloured orange. For example, in Southeast Alaska and Haida Gwaii, Chinook (King) Salmon can be caught as early as late April, but they don’t really appear in significant numbers until mid-June. Therefore the first period to be coloured orange would be the second in the month of June.

If you’re a fishing lodge owner and providing us your species availability so we can build your lodge page for you, simply state the start and end dates of the run or good availability of each species (like “mid-June to late July”, or “entire season”). If you’re adding this information to your lodge page yourself, you’ll be able to add an availability calendar to every target species and then click the checkboxes for each semi-monthly period that should be “orange” when viewed by a page visitor.

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