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    Nootka Island Lodge on Nootka Sound is truly "Natural British Columbia". Wildlife abounds and the scenery is breathtaking. The chance to battle Chinook (King) Salmon up to 60 pounds, or the fighting Coho (Silver) in excess of 15 pounds, awaits the ardent fisherman at Nootka Island Lodge. Although salmon is our specialty, there are also ling cod, rock cod and halibut.

    Thank you for considering Nootka Island Lodge for your sportfishing trip. The serenity and seclusion of uncrowded Nootka Island Lodge provides a paradise for fishing! We were the first lodge on the island so we are the closest to the fishing grounds—just a short 1 to 5 mile commute!

    Along with lots of fish, you will see an abundance of wildlife including whales, bear, deer, bald eagles, otters, and a variety of sea birds.

    Editor's choice fishing lodge

    Nootka Island is unsurpassed in mountain scenery, beauty, and wildlife. You can retrace the footsteps of B.C's early explorers, such as Captain Cook and Captain Bligh, on the beautiful pebble beach at Friendly Cove, visit the Governor General Totem and a quaint church, all only minutes from Nootka Island Lodge.

    The Cyr family has owned and operated Nootka Island Lodge for over 34 years. Come for the fishing adventure of a lifetime with guides and hosts who know the area well! Start today by exploring our web site and booking your fishing adventure today!

    We are the perfect spot for your British Columbia fishing trip.

    What Do We Fish For?

    June 15 to Sept 15
    • Halibut
    • Ling Cod
    • Rockfish (Yellow Eye, Red Snapper)
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon


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    2 nights / 3 days fishing | All-Inclusive
    3 nights / 4 days fishing | All-Inclusive
    4 nights / 5 days fishing | All-Inclusive
    2 nights / 3 days fishing | Guided/Self-Guided
    4 people (1 guided boat, 1 self-guided boat)
    3 nights / 4 days fishing | Guided/Self-Guided
    6 people (1 guided boat, 2 self-guided boats)
    4 nights / 5 days fishing | Guided/Self-Guided
    8 people (2 guided boat, 2 self-guided boats)


    Fully guided 2-night/3-day package, final trips left: June 4 to 6, June 6 to 8, June 11 to 13, June 13 to 15, August 29 to 31, September 3 to 5, September 5 to 7., 3.0 days of fishing starting June 4
    ($700.00 DISCOUNT)
    Fully guided 3-night/4-day package, final trips left: June 8 to 11, June 15 to 18, August 31 to September 3., 4.0 days of fishing starting June 8
    ($1,000.00 DISCOUNT)
    Fully guided 4-night/5-day package, final trips left: June 4 to 8, June 11 to 15, September 3 to 7., 5.0 days of fishing starting June 4
    ($1,401.00 DISCOUNT)

    Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include taxes, gratuities, or fishing license/stamp.

    All rates based on double occupancy.

    About the Guided/Self-Guided Fishing Packages

    This package is for the fishermen who want to do it themselves. Your group can share the fishing between the guided and self guided boats. Our guides will dial you in to the areas hottest fishing locations, so if this is your first time to our lodge our new program will bring you up to speed on exactly where to fish right away and provide you with the proper fishing gear and what techniques work to catch fish. Remember you will be dividing your fishing time with our guides and time on your own, so you can make the determination on how to split up the combinations yourself. Just let us know at the start of each day what you would like to do and we will see that it gets done.

    Many of our clients want to bait their own hooks, run the downriggers catch and net their own fish by themselves. This package also makes the trip more affordable for the budget minded guests. You also have the option to upgrade to a Deluxe package for an extra $250 PP, which enters you in our 2020 season Big Fish free trip derby, all the other Deluxe upgrade benefits, including vac packing your fish and enters you in our free trip drawings.

    Please remember that this package is for experienced fishermen and experienced small craft boat operators with previous knowledge and expertise in both fishing and boat handling operation.

    Each boat will host 2 anglers per boat each day, this means you have the option to rotate your group as you see fit, so everyone gets a chance at a guided fishing day while also enjoying the savings of self-guided pricing. We have priced this combination package to be more favorably priced than purchasing the packages separately.

    View this lodge's terms and conditions.

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    How many hours of guided fishing?

    8+ hours/day

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    Equipment / gear / tackle / bait:

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    All meals / snacks / non-alcoholic drinks:




    WiFi is an additional CAD$20.00 for the duration of the trip.


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    Nootka Island Lodge sits amid the quiet virgin timber of cedars, spruce and firs and the calming waters of Nootka Sound in British Columbia, Canada. Our peaceful lodge offers comfortable rooms both single and double occupancy. The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests comfortably so we are an excellent choice for groups, family outings and retreats.

    Whether you are fishing, dining, enjoying a favorite beverage or appetizer, sharing your day's fishing adventure or just relaxing, you will always feel you are among close friends.

    Dining is 'Family-Style' with individualized service from our attentive staff. We serve appetizers and complimentary beverages every evening. On the occasional cool evening, guests enjoy our natural stone fireplace located in the lounge. A great place to relax and share the triumphs of the day after a rewarding day of fishing!

    Nootka Island Lodge offers comfortable rooms, twin and single. Dining is family style, and we will cook your catch if you so desire.

    Corporate buyout:     

    Book all 20 guest 'deluxe' all-Inclusive packages at one time and receive two free Deluxe all-Inclusive packages for next year.

      WiFi available:

    Max. capacity:


    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    5 mins

    Other Activities Available




    16 ft. to 24 ft. boats with Yamaha engines. Our self-guided boats are stable 15 1/2' Sorenson boats with 50HP Yamaha four-stoke motors.


    Heated cabin:

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    • fish processing (unless fishing is catch-and-release only, this is not applicable)
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