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    Our unique Skeena Salmon Lodge sits right on the banks of the salmon-rich Skeena River, surrounded by snow-covered peaks and pristine nature. In the northwestern part of British Columbia, where you find Canada at its most beautiful, where lakes and rivers dazzle with their purity, and wilderness can be truly experienced, you will find some of the world's best salmon rivers; among them, the Skeena River, possibly Canada's best known salmon river. Join us and experience outstanding fishing while enjoying comfort of the highest standard in the primal wilderness of Canada. One of only 4 Orvis endorsed fly fishing lodges in Canada.

    A few years back, a dream took tangible form and became a reality: Wild River Fly fishing was founded by Marcel Schneider and Martin Jaeger, two Swiss Nationals who are the visionaries to this world class operation. In 2016 a new team took form to bring to the forefront a fresh look, new passion, and an unparalleled level of excellence to everyone.

    The goal is to build upon the foundation of excellence we maintain, and improve infinitely to become the benchmark of fishing lodges not only in Canada, but the World. With Swiss precision, professionalism and Canadian hospitality combined, we continue and strive to create unrivalled experiences, both on and off the rivers. To achieve this we will do absolutely everything possible in order to provide our valued guests with a one of a kind, personalized and unforgettable experience.

    For consecutive years past, we've welcomed a plethora of return guests to the lodge for world-class salmon and steelhead fishing on the tributaries of the Skeena and Nass River systems. In a continued effort to improve on the exceptional, we've built a new custom log building that is home to (among other things) an exercise room, custom games room and spa.

    Join us in the Pacific Northwest and experience the ineffable beauty of Canada's wildest river valleys. This really is a place where fishing is "Like it used to be."


    The Skeena river; Over 600km in length, with a return of multi millions of anadromis fish per year, is the stronghold of Northern British Columbia's wild fish stocks. Anglers from all over the world flock to the banks of the mighty Skeena in hopes to hook the next world record Chinook, or to try and crack the code on the 20lb steelhead of their dreams. According to the Salmon and Steelhead Journal, the Skeena is rated number 1 in the world for most productive salmon rivers. Whether you're a beginner fly-fisherman, or an expert spey caster, the Skeena is the ultimate playground to put your skills to the test. This is where we focus most of our fishing throughout the season. The Skeena produces large numbers of fish daily and is consistently changing which gives our repeat clients a new look year after year. We have classified days in a 50km stretch that only allows a small number of guides to operate in these waters. This section boasts the best fishing for dime bright salmon and steelhead of all shapes and sizes. The river is wide with smaller rocks made for easy wading. Some of the best battles are experienced here and it's all you and the fish. There are many large bars giving you lots of room to fish away from others.


    The Kitimat river is a coastal river situated south east of the Skeena estuary. This is the meat and potatoes for every lodge and guide up in this country as it is hatchery enhanced and produces a lot of fish. It's easily accessed from the road making it popular amongst locals but offers breathe taking scenery. Fishing for Chinook, Chum, Pink, Coho, and Steelhead on this river can be excellent during each species specific run time. Chinook are smaller on this system than on the Skeena, but good numbers of fish can be caught daily on the tides if the water is right. Coho fishing is also excellent on this river. The Kitimat produces some of the largest Chum salmon in B.C who can be taken on fly or gear. We use a raft to navigate this river and break it down into sections. Each section of river offers different size runs and technicality with structure making the Kitimat a good option for any skill level angler.


    The Skeena and Nass tributaries do not need to be named that we fish as we use these sparingly and cannot take the pressure that the other rivers see. We keep the names of these rivers confidential as they are great fisheries and we do not want to see too much outside pressure as being low key keeps the fishing great. To know these unclassified rivers you must be guided by Skeena Salmon Lodge. If the timing is right, your guide will take you to one of these serene tributaries.

    What Do We Fish For?

    Mar 27 to Oct 3
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Chum (Dog) Salmon
    • Pink (Humpback) Salmon
    • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
    • Steelhead


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    7 nights / 6 days fishing | Spring Steelhead
    Apr 3 to May 1 only.
    7 nights / 6 days fishing | The Kings of Chrome - Chinook
    Jun 5 to Jul 3 only.
    7 nights / 6 days fishing | Skeena King a River Monster
    Jul 3 to Jul 17 only.
    7 nights / 6 days fishing | Skeena Grand Slam
    Jul 17 to Aug 21 only.
    7 nights / 6 days fishing | Silver Salmon & Steelhead: Fall Fishing
    Aug 21 to Oct 2 only.

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    The lodge was built 2009 and is situated about 13 miles north of Terrace on the headwaters of Skeena River. A lot of emphasis was put on the use of local and natural building materials during the construction of the lodge.

    The property is comprised of seven comfortable double rooms and a three bed room all done in log cabin style. All rooms have bathrooms and showers. Enjoy great comfort way out in the wilderness.

    On top of the beautiful rooms, the Lodge also features a comfortable and rustic bar with pool table and darts.


    You walk into a room and immediately warm feelings and memories are brought upon you taking you back to your childhood, to a family dinner, or even travels of your past. The lights are dimmed and a mood is set with a pillow of music that fills the room. Welcome to the dinner table.

    Food is one thing at the lodge you can control and it's what sets one lodge apart from another. The reality is that if fishing is good, no one really ever complains about things at the lodge, but when fishing is tough or rivers are blown out, that's where our superb food can make up for the other shortcomings. All of our chefs are well travelled and have different culinary backgrounds bringing you a dining experience second to none. Whether it's a cordon blue with spatzle, or a fresh sockeye with scallops and a brandied lobster bisque, absolute love goes into every meal.

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    Other Activities Available


    Casting Pond

    Our casting pond is a great way to further brush up on your casting abilities, or try out new lines on your rod before hitting the river. It's over 150 foot in length and is home to our 200 Kamloops rainbow trout.


    We believe that your time with us should not only be about the fishing. It should be each and every moment—from your early morning cup of fresh brewed coffee to a late night hot tub amongst the stars on a clear night sky.

    Infrared Sauna - this sauna which functions by infrared heaters. The heaters emit infrared light which is then absorbed by the skinned and is experienced as radiant heat. There is no scientific data to back this, but patients with rheumatoid arthritis have suggested pain relief, and relaxation during these sauna sessions.

    Steam Room - is one of the best ways to rid the toxins from your body and feel fresh after a hard day. The steam room generally operates with a temperature of around 41 degrees Celsius and up, with 100% humidity added to the room once guests are inside.

    Swedish Sauna - this sauna is finished with clear cedar and is a perfect way to unwind after a cold day on the river. This operates with a standard convection oven and water being poured over the oven to create steam.

    Jacuzzi - this Jacuzzi has seats and jets for up to 10 people and features an onboard bluetooth speaker system and lighting sure to blow you away on a clear night sky under the stars.

    Fun & Games

    Games Room - Our games room features a pool table, ping pong, foosball and a dart board.

    Satellite TV - Maybe you're feeling tired and want to catch up on some rest. Relax on the couch and watch a movie, or even watch a sporting event with buddies.





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