Trip Request #352

Posted: April 20, 2021

Couple looking to create some good memories for their wedding anniversary with a late season fishing trip.


November 11, 2021 (first choice)
September 16, 2021 (second choice)

No. of Guests

2 guests

trip length

4 nights / 3 days (flexible, Yes)


Guided, option for some self-guided would be a bonus. , bonus if option for some guiding available


  • Alaska
    • BC
      • Oregon
      • Yukon Territory
      • Northwest Territories
      • Saskatchewan

      Location Preferences

      Type of Fishing

      Freshwater (lakes)
      Freshwater (rivers)


      Would prefer lodges with ratings/reviews? Yes

      Would prefer ocean-going boats with bathrooms on board

      Fish Species


        My husband loves to fish and I’m trying to put together a surprise trip for our anniversary. Mostly we fish local rivers for Catfish or Bass. Open to pretty much any trip, just want to make some good memories

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