6 Affordable Upgrades For Your Fishing Gear

Fishing is an excellent relaxing activity you can do by yourself or with friends and family. It is a perfect excuse to get away from land and sail to the middle of the water. Not to mention, there is also exciting energy from having the chance to catch a fish.

It takes a lot of patience when you go fishing. You can expect to catch a fish without skills. You will also need the right equipment. For old-timers out there, your equipment might be ragged and needs an upgrade.

Do not worry! Today’s your lucky day. Get a better fishing experience with these simple tips to improve your fishing gear.


The fishing rod would be the most prominent part of your fishing tackle. This part is the flexible pole that holds the other features like the reel, line, hook, and bait, to name a few. You must have a strong rod since this is the most pressured area when you are reeling in a catch.

To improve your rod and ensure that you get the catch, you need to have a good grip. You do not want the rod slipping off your hand and being overpowered by a fish. One way to have a better grip is by wrapping cloth stick tape on the rod. This technique will improve your grip.


6 Affordable Upgrades For Your Fishing Gear 1

The reel is the mechanism that adjusts the line. If you watched movies or series involving fishing, anglers would get excited when the reel moves involuntarily suddenly because this means they caught something.

When you do catch something, you will need to pull and rotate the reel to hoist up whatever is below the water. Again, you will need to have a good grip. To improve the performance of your reel, you can lubricate it to make it easier to cast and reel in.

You should protect your gears to lengthen their life span. The reel is also susceptible to getting damaged by the elements. And after fishing, you should soak it in water to prevent it from rusting.


The bait will help you attract fishes so they will be hooked. You need to have attractive baits, but most importantly, you need efficient ones. You should insert fishing nails into your baits.

This way, the bait will move more thus, attracting more fish. It will also be an additional sinker and will improve the hooking angle.


A fish hook is where the bait is placed for the fish to bite and be impaled so you can reel them in. The hooks need to be sharp to be effective. If it is blunt, it would not be able to pierce the flesh of the fish.

Instead of buying new hooks every time they become dull, here is a simple trick to sharpen them. Use a nail file to hone the point, and it would seem like brand new (maybe even sharper than a new one!).

There are several types of hooks. You want to stay organized when fishing so you can allot more time to fishing itself than the preparation. You can insert the identical hooks in a safety pin so you can easily find them.

Another tip when handling sharp fish hooks, you can use corks to cover up the pointy edge when being stored. You can cut yourself if you let your hooks be left exposed and unattended.


You will be carrying a lot of fishing gear when you sail. So it would be good to consider the benefits of fishing backpacks for your next fishing outing. Having one will ensure that your things will be organized and well-kept. No more struggle in carrying lots of gear!


It is rather hard to track your location in the middle of the sea, right? That is quite a bummer if you find a spot where you could catch a lot of fish. Bring a reliable GPS tracker with you when you sail. This way, you will be able to take note of the location and go back to that spot next time.

Six upgrades? More like six gears and a ton of upgrades! These tips will be useful for both newbies and veterans. The gear upgrades will keep your equipment lasting longer, and the hacks will make anyone seem like a pro.

These are just simple and easy to do. You would not even spend a lot of money to improve your gears. With these upgrades, you enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of catching a fish.

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