At What Point is it Too Much Technology for Fishing?

I came across this video which shows a drone flying over the ocean from a beautiful tropical beach, carrying both bait and a fishing line still connected to the operator’s reel, which it  airdrops directly into a school of tuna that the operator is monitoring from the beach through the on-board camera and remote display.

The video elicited several emotions. At first pure joy, as I love drone technology and inventive uses of technology to aid the sport of fishing. And you can’t argue that this is not incredibly effective, I mean they are almost effortlessly yanking several big tuna out of the ocean..from the beach! Then I started thinking how wrong this is, because it’s perhaps taking all the sport of out sportfishing.

In the end, my feelings remain mixed..as impressive is it is, it does cause some worry, that technology will one day eclipse the skill required to fish and in effect remove the fun. Then again, don’t we all saltwater fishing for salmon and halibut with $1,000 fish finders in our $100,000 state-of-the-art boats?

At What Point is it Too Much Technology for Fishing? 1

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