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    Southeast Alaska, AK, USA






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    Welcome to "Alaska's Best Lodge!" A taste of Alaska awaits you.

    My name is Larry McQuarrie, and I am the lucky owner of Sportsman's Cove Lodge. Around the Lodge I am known as "Captain Mac."

    I'd like to tell you a little about who we are. On this page it all looks wonderful. But every lodge in Alaska has great fishing and awesome natural beauty. What makes us stand out from the rest? Several things, all revolving around our experience and our service-based business philosophies.

    We take great pride in our handpicked Lodge team. Our very rigorous recruiting, hiring and training process takes longer to complete than the seasonal work period itself. It stresses our philosophy of Service, Service, Service, and instills a sense of ownership and pride in all who work here. Every team member in our organization "gets" that message.

    My own roots in the hands-on business of fishing go back over 50 years. Every day I am on the water, still hands-on, as the captain of one of our specially designed sport fishing yachts. For every meal I am the dining room host. I'm involved, immersed in all aspects of the operation. That is your assurance of a quality trip.

    Remember the old days in the airline business, where prices were all the same and the only difference was the service? That's where I came from. Thirty-four years as an old-school United Airlines pilot ingrained in me an appreciation for working with quality people and equipment that is maintained to the highest standards. That's who we are.

    The fishing? The incredible natural beauty? That just comes with the territory. After all, this is Alaska.

    Over 85% of our guests each year have been here before. Come join us in "The Last Place Left" for your lifetime experience. We'll make it worth your while. You have my word on it.

    Warmest regards, Captian Mac

    You will arrive as a guest, but leave as a friend...

    What Do We Fish For?

    June 23 to Sept 13
    • Halibut
    • Ling Cod
    • Rockfish (Yellow Eye, Red Snapper)
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Chum (Dog) Salmon
    • Pink (Humpback) Salmon
    • True cod


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    3 nights / 3 days fishing | June 23 - July 14
    3 nights / 3 days fishing | July 15 - Aug 15
    4 nights / 4 days fishing | June 23 - July 14
    4 nights / 4 days fishing | July 15 - Aug 15
    7 nights / 7 days fishing | June 23 - July 14
    7 nights / 7 days fishing | July 15 - Aug 15
    3 nights / 3 days fishing | Aug 16 - Sept 13
    4 nights / 4 days fishing | Aug 16 - Sept 13
    7 nights / 7 days fishing | Aug 16 - Sept 13

    Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include taxes, gratuities, or fishing license/stamp.

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    8-9 hours/day

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    We have a wide variety of fine wines, ales and beer to make sure your thirst is always quenched. NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES.


    We have a wide variety of fine wines, ales and beer to make sure your thirst is always quenched. NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES.


    Accomodations. Meals highlighted by fresh seafood caught in local waters. Personalized meals for folks adhering to special diets.


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    All of our reservations at Sportsman's Cove Lodge are booked on a double occupancy basis. The views are breathtaking. You're perched among the towering evergreens, eye-level with the eagles, looking down on the tranquil waters of the Cove. All rooms are spotless, and offer private baths and daily housekeeping service. All but a few rooms have water views. The Lodge can easily accommodate 30 guests. Special requests for rooms are based on a first booked, first served basis.

    The Main Lodge
    Our Main Lodge accommodations are the most centrally located, just above the dining room and lounge. All rooms feature private baths and stunning views, most overlooking Saltery Cove, and two with a beautiful wilderness vista. The Main Lodge is a favorite choice for our guests that enjoy a quick trip to the dock, meals, and our infamous warm cookies and milk served every evening in our lounge.

    The Eagle's Nest
    The Eagles Nest is located precisely where the name suggests, high up in the trees. It is situated at the very top of our lodge. There are 2 levels that have 4 rooms each with sliding glass doors out to shared balconies overlooking the cove.

    Saltery Cottage
    The newest addition to our Sportsman's Cove Lodge family is a completely remodeled neighboring cabin that accommodates groups of 6 featuring 3 full bedrooms and 3 baths. This cottage also includes a kitchenette and living room for your group's enjoyment as well as a private deck overlooking the water. Please call for pricing and availability, as this has become a popular upgrade.

    Corporate buyout:     

    Please contact us (see below) for pricing and availability.

      WiFi available:

    Max. capacity:


    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    30 mins

    Other Activities Available

    Hiking trails, row boat, photographic opportunities and hiking trails.


    Hot tub, gift shop.



    Our boats are the safest and most spacious available. You'll spend the majority of your fishing vacation aboard your boat, so it makes sense to maximize your comfort and safety. Our claim to fame is bigger, more comfortable, and safer boats. Owner Larry McQuarrie spent years designing our 37' spacious walk-around sport fishing boats and has them custom-built just for Sportsman's Cove Lodge. Each boat has a warm comfortable cabin, a clean sanitary head, and the latest in navigational electronics. A party of six can enjoy a boat all to themselves.

    Our Custom Fishing Boats

    • 37 feet long
    • 11 feet wide
    • Cruise speed: 20 - 25 mph
    • 15 feet per guest
    • 140 square feet
    • Warm cabin with oil burning furnace/stove, private restroom, dinette with cushy seating, Yacht-like experience
    • Safe, dependable diesel engines designed for heavy use
    • Master Mariner Captains & Deckhand

    The Ordinary Boat

    • 18 - 26 feet long
    • 8 feet wide
    • 25 - 35 mph
    • 5 feet per guest
    • 32 - 48 square feet
    • No stove, port-a-potty (or bleach bottle)
    • Unreliable gas outboard motors not intended for commercial use
    • No deckhand. Guide is often merely a OUPV (Operator of Un-inspected Passenger Vehicle)


    Heated cabin:

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    Deposit required: US$1,000.00

    Balance due: 90 days prior to arrival.


    • All cancellation fees based on scheduled arrival date at lodge.
    • A fishing trip cancelled with more than 180 days prior notice is assessed a US$500 per person fee.
    • 90-179 days prior notice: US$1,000 per person fee.
    • Less than 90 days prior notice: Non-Refundable.

    Trip Insurance is your best protection against unforeseen circumstances and we highly recommend it. Sportsman's Cove Lodge cannot be held responsible for loss of fishing, flight delays (including float planes), lodging, any charges incurred due to weather conditions (within or outside of Alaska) or any other events that are beyond our control.

    Use Sportsman's Cove Lodge Travel Department to make your travel arrangements. When your travel plans change unexpectedly, our travel department is your best source for assistance. Linda has your itinerary at her fingertips and knows the best ways to help you.

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    All-inclusive lodges include:
    • accommodation
    • all equipment/gear/tackle
    • boats and fuel
    • guiding
    • all meals
    • fish processing (unless fishing is catch-and-release only, this is not applicable)
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