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    Log Cabin Resort can be YOUR Alaskan Fishing and Adventure headquarters. Since YOU are the guest - tell us what you want in your fishing or adventure vacation. We will make it happen. It will be our goal to keep you safe, but provide you with an experience of fishing, crabbing, shrimping, wildlife viewing, whale watching, or other activities, so you will remember it for the rest of your life.

    YOU will appreciate the Prince of Wales Island because it is the best combination destination for a variety of fish species, wildlife and adventure activities in Alaska. This is one of the main areas that commercial fishermen fish.

    The best thing our guests say about Log Cabin Resort is in their ACTIONS. We have some clients that have returned 31 years in a row and will be up again this year to fish with us. During your visit, we can introduce you to a dozen different clients who have returned at least eight years in a row. About 96% of our business is repeat! The sad thing for us and many of our friends is that they age to the point of no-return. We often visit them during the winter.

    If you are serious about fishing, then Alaska's Prince of Wales Island should be your destination. A huge advantage of this choice is that there are NO LARGE TOWNS anywhere close, thus less competition. We are the home of Earth Friendly Untamed wilderness.

    What Do We Fish For?

    Apr. 1 (stream fishing) / June 1 (guided & unguided) to Oct 1 (stream fishing) / Aug 30 (guided & unguided)
    • Dungeness Crab
    • Halibut
    • Ling Cod
    • Rockfish (Yellow Eye, Red Snapper)
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Steelhead
    • Shrimp


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    4 nights / 3 days fishing | Guided
    4 nights / 3 days fishing | Unguided

    Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include taxes, gratuities, or fishing license/stamp.

    CALL FOR CURRENT RATES (see contact info below) for any of our packages. They often change beause of our insurance rates or fuel costs. This year they decreased because of fuel.

    To reduce the cost of your stay by $30/person, you may select the Rustic Beach Cabins. Bath, toilets, kitchens are provided in all our suites, homes, or cabins.

    10% Discount for active military people and children under 12.

    View this lodge's terms and conditions.

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    11 hours/day

    Return transportation to/from Ketchikan      

    Equipment / gear / tackle / bait:

    Fish processing:     

    All meals / snacks / non-alcoholic drinks:




    Boxing is included with fish processing.

    Set & pull crab, shrimp & octopus pots.

    All packages include a continental breakfast & large box lunch. Dinner is self-cooked or use our van to drive to a local restaurant.


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    Log Cabin Resort Sea Side Suites are situated overlooking a quiet saltwater bay and our dock. The suites have a full kitchen, tv, bathroom, and a separate bedroom. The Log Home is similar but larger. Your view out the front windows or from the deck will have you turning off the tv. You see sea mammals, eagles, sea ducks and salmon jumping.

    Campground & RV Park
    Log Cabin Resort, RV Park, and Campground offers off the beaten path "Alaska". Our location is quiet and secluded. Guests are nestled among original growth spruce and hemlock trees. We offer 20 sites, some of which are drive through, all of which offer a base from which one may explore the huge bank of islands known as the Alexander Archipelago.

    Our three rustic campground cabins sleep three comfortably. Sleeping bags and kitchen utensils are provided. The cabins offer no running water. Campground amenities are close by each cabin.

    Corporate buyout:     

      WiFi available:

    Max. capacity:


    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    55 mins.

    Other Activities Available


    Campground Amenities
    We offer a community kitchen, restroom, shower, and laundry facilities for our Campground guests. The RV park is within walking distance of a convenience store and a well stocked grocery and liquor store. One can drive the seven miles to the fishing village of Craig to shop for small town bargains or to eat in some of the fine restaurants found there.

    We provide boat rentals and charters, or you may launch your boat and fish for salmon and halibut, or film the rich sea life that abounds in our corner of the Pacific from the campground marina.



    Guided saltwater charters are aboard the Island Skipper, a 34' lobster-style boat, with an Alaskan Sports Fishing Deck. We feature a walk-around cabin so fisher-people can spread out and there is not a cluster on the aft deck. We have fewer lines crossing each other than most boats, thus more fishing time. The boat is inspected by the Coast Guard on a very regular basis. She is up to snuff!

    For unguided saltwater packages, the boats are large enough to handle three people, but no more than that. Even inside waters can kick up and we want you to be safe. Includes skiff and outboard, with net, fish finder-GPS and rods (gas and bait are not included)


    Heated cabin:

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    • boats and fuel
    • guiding
    • all meals
    • fish processing (unless fishing is catch-and-release only, this is not applicable)
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