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    The prospect of fishing, and catching, on the Nushagak River entices visitors from around the globe. Most fishermen seek a Nushagak River fishing camp, and until now, that was the only choice they had. While a Nushagak River camp brings the fisherman to the fish, it lacks the comfort and amenities that many discerning anglers have come to expect. The Nushagak River Lodge is the only fishing lodge on the river. It is newly built and provides the ultimate Nushagak River fishing experience.

    While many tent camps use the term Nushagak Alaska Fishing Lodge loosely, Bristol Bay Adventures boast the only true lodge on the Nushagak river. Perched on a bluff overlooking the "Nush", our Alaska fishing lodge has permanent structures, telephone and high-speed Internet services. Dine in our great room to gourmet meals. Enjoy the comfort of cozy cabins, with indoor plumbing, hot water, comfy beds and a spectacular view of the Nushagak River from your deck.

    This makes our Alaska fishing lodge, which sits on 160 private acres, a superb Nushagak River fishing hole to catch King Salmon still fresh and feisty off Bristol Bay. These wild Alaska King Salmon can peel line at mind numbing speed, smoking your reel and sometimes spooling even the most experienced anglers.

    On an average day as many as 20 float planes ferry anglers from other Alaska fishing lodges for a day of angling in this unparalleled fishery. Stay at our Alaska Fishing lodge and savor the thrill only Bristol Bay Adventures can provide. Nushagak river fishing is synonymous with King Salmon fishing. Discover what a fishing vacation to the wild frontier of Alaska can be, action packed, yet peaceful and comfortable.

    What Do We Fish For?

    June 20 to Aug 1
    • Arctic Grayling
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
    • Rainbow Trout


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    3 nights / 3 days fishing | Kings
    June 20 to July 28 only
    5 nights / 5 days fishing | Kings
    June 22 to July 21 only
    5 nights / 5 days fishing | Kings, Silvers
    July 26 only
    5 nights / 5 days fishing | Silvers
    July 31 to Aug 15 only
    7 nights / 7 days fishing | Kings & Sockeye, Nush / Lake Alekanik
    July 11 to July 25 only

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