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    Kodiak, AK, USA






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    AlpenView Wilderness Lodge is a full-service Kodiak Island lodge that offers the best Alaska fishing lodging in the area. It is remote, accessible only by sea or air. Our services include everything a visitor will need to make the best of their visit to Kodiak Island. Lodging, food, equipment, transportation and fully guided activities are all provided. We feature some of the best saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing and fly fishing in Alaska. Halibut, king salmon, steelhead and silver salmon are all part of the target list.

    The rivers of Kodiak Island are very well suited to the sport of fly fishing. In contrast to many rivers in Alaska, they are relatively small, easily waded, and clear. A fly fisherman of moderate skill can present the fly to the fish at any point in these rivers. The fish are abundant and the circumstances forgiving so the beginning fly fishermen can get into the action while sharpening their skills. The wide variety of fish, fishing areas, and useable techniques will keep the most experienced fly fishermen entertained.

    What Do We Fish For?

    May 21 to Oct 15
    • Dolly Varden
    • Dungeness Crab
    • Halibut
    • Ling Cod
    • Rockfish (Yellow Eye, Red Snapper)
    • Chinook (King) Salmon
    • Coho (Silver) Salmon
    • Chum (Dog) Salmon
    • Pink (Humpback) Salmon
    • Sockeye (Red) Salmon
    • Steelhead
    • Black Rockfish, Snow crab


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    Unless otherwise stated, prices do not include taxes, gratuities, or fishing license/stamp.

    Lodging, shared, two guests to a room.

    AlpenView staff will clean your fish (gut, filet and etc.). AlpenView staff will smoke (cold and/or hot process) up to 10 lbs of fish per person. AlpenView staff will instruct you and supply you with facilities and materials to vacuum pack and freeze your fish. AlpenView will supply you with one insulated fish box to transport your fish home. AlpenView will provide these services for up to 50 lbs of finished product per person. For guests who wish to take more than 50 lbs, AlpenView will supply these services for an additional charge of US$2.50 per pound and US$25.00 per box.

    Lodge/camp combination packages: split any 7 night or longer package with a portion at the out camp, add US$683pp (2 persons min.) Available May 27 to Sept 16.

    Custom trips, US$1,706.00 per person for the first night and US$625.00 for each additional night, morning arrival and departure, any day. Available in late July and August. May also be available elsewhere in the season on a case by case basis.

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    8 hours/day. Your choice of saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing and photography.

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    All meals / snacks / non-alcoholic drinks:




    The lodge has a smoker, vacuum packer and a freezer so fish cleaning, freezing and/or smoking are available. Insulated box to transport your fish home.


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    Our Kodiak Island lodge has a guest capacity of 8 with our 4 guest rooms and 4 full baths. The lodge great room offers a captivating view of Ugak Bay and the surrounding mountains. It incorporates the dining area, living area and fly tying bench. Meals are prepared in our large commercial kitchen and served in the dining area. AlpenView's menu proudly reflects our location in one of the world's seafood capitals. A healthy mix of seafood, meat, and foul are prepared with an international flair.

    The lodge is on a wide spit that rises gently out of a beautiful fjord called The South Arm of Ugak Bay. AlpenView opened it's premiere season on June 10, 2000 under the experienced management of Dave Jones.

    The lodge great room includes the dining and living areas under it's vaulted ceiling. The living area drops two feet below the dining area so guests in both can enjoy the spectacular view through the sixteen foot high walls of windows. The four guest rooms are shared, two have private baths. There are also two shared bathrooms with showers.

    AlpenView's Out Camp is located on the Ayakulik River in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. It's a well appointed tent camp with room for six guests.

    All tents are pitched on the wood floors. The main tent incorporates the kitchen and dining areas. Sleeper tents feeature two beds, a light and heater. There is an enclosed toilet and a propane fired banya for washing up.

    Corporate buyout:     

    AlpenView will host a free group leader when accompanied by seven full paying guests at the lodge! This is a great opportunity for corporate groups, family groups, club and organizational groups. To qualify for this special, the group leader must assume full finical responsibility for the group and personally make all deposits and payments in full and on time.

      WiFi available:

    Max. capacity:


    Average travel time to fishing grounds:

    30 mins

    Other Activities Available

    Wildlife viewing, hiking, kayaking, hunting, fantastic photography opportunities


    The out buildings feature our "Banya" a large wood fired steam bath which is a traditional Alaskan experience. The fish house is dedicated to fish and game processing as is the smokehouse.



    The Captain K has a 3/4 cabin (Front, sides, top with no back) which provides weather protection while traveling and easy access to the trolling stations in the stern while fishing. It's not heated but does have a completely enclosed head. 28' x 10', self bailing, 450hp and 25kts cruise speed. New in 2012. Fishes up to six.

    The Alpen II is an open, center console fishing boat (no cabin or head). 23' x 8', self bailing, 175hp and 25kts cruise speed. New in 2015. Fishes up to four.

    Several other skiffs and kayaks fill out our fleet.


    Heated cabin:

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    • guiding
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    • fish processing (unless fishing is catch-and-release only, this is not applicable)
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